Former Democratic State Rep. Polly Baca

As we reported a two weeks ago, Colorado electoral college member, Micheal Baca started a nascent movement of electoral college members to go rogue and “write in” a candidate other than the person who won their respective state.  The goal was to get 37 members to jettison their votes and deny Donald Trump the presidency.

Never mind the fact that our state went to Clinton – so, it would be self-defeating for Baca to change his vote.  Also, please ignore the fact that 29 states have laws that bind electors to vote in line with the popular vote in the state.  For some reason, Baca thinks that this quixotic adventure is worth his time – and now he has former state senator Polly Baca (no relation) signed on as well.

In fact, Colorado now has four of its nine electors looking to defect.  Polly Baca hosted a summit at her Denver home last week to go over details (complete with a lawyer who does not want to be named), and claimed that she may write in the name of a Republican other than Trump when it comes time to cast her vote.  Don’t try to figure out the logic of that one – we promise, you cannot.

We thought that the knee-jerk reaction of liberals would subside a day or two after the election, but it looks like, as the reality of Trump’s election sets in, their actions are becoming more desperate and delusional.