scotusbuilding_1st_street_seThe Supreme Court is now actively considering whether to hear the lawsuit filed by New Mexico against Colorado because the EPA is to blame for the Gold King Mine spill.

We were roped into the legal morass after the EPA took responsibility for the spill as promised, by trying to blame Colorado.

Now New Mexico is suing us for “two decades of disastrous environmental decisions” and has also filed suit against the EPA. The Navajo Nation is also suing the EPA for the spill.

The Supremes are involved in the Colorado case because they are the court that hears disputes between states, and they got the ball rolling last week during a high court conference on the lawsuit. On Monday, the court directed the Justice Department to submit their views, The Hill reports.

But the clock is ticking on the Obama administration, and what with all the last-minute action to release new regulatory rules to stifle the economy, the Justice Department likely won’t have time to submit views until the Trump administration takes the reins.

That means the court’s decision on whether to consider the case will be based in part on what the new Justice Department has to say.

And for that, we’re hopeful.

We’re also thankful that the Senate delayed confirmation hearings for the vacant Supreme Court seat, which means the court is not stacked against us.