epaTrump has chosen Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his new EPA chief, and judging by the gnashing of teeth from the media and their green buddies, it must be a pretty good decision.

The media and environmentalists hate that Pruitt hails from an oil and gas state and supports the energy industry, opposes the Clean Power Plan, actually sued the EPA, and believes that Congress should legislate, not agency bureaucrats. The list of his qualifications goes on and on.

That environmentalists hate him too, is a plus in our book.

Pete Maysmith is having a climate meltdown over the nomination and demanding that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet oppose the nomination. A given, since Bennet is in the back pocket of every energy-hating greenie in the state.

They are demanding that U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner do the same, though we expect more thoughtful consideration from the Republican, plus lots of questions during the confirmation process as to what the nominee thinks of the EPA’s shenanigans at the Gold King Mine.

State Sierra Clubers think the nomination is akin to putting an arsonist in charge of a forest fire, and of course it’s all about the children.

In other words, the usual hateful rhetoric full of sound and fury that signifies donors should send them more money to defeat Pruitt’s confirmation.

So far, he sounds like a swell guy.