Cliff-Willmeng-cropped-241x300The BLM is pushing forward with new rules to keep lease auctions civilized, from being overrun by hundreds of activists blocking streets and access to buildings like they did this year when flash mobs held massive demonstrations to try and shut down the government and people’s business.


The police were even called to keep the swarm of envirowhacktivists at bay, wasting the valuable resources and manpower of public safety officials in Lakewood and other towns.

The public nuisance appears to be the last resort of these in-state and outside agitators, who are disgruntled that their Astroturf lobbying efforts of mailing identical form letters with forged questionable signatures for public comment periods is no longer fooling anyone.

They’re too lazy and ill-equipped to submit thoughtful, rational arguments, so they stormed the auctions.

Now that the BLM is moving towards online auctions that are more efficient, would save taxpayer dollars and eliminate those opportunities for massive outbursts, environmentalists are crying that their free speech is being threatened.

The BLM received nearly 600 comments on the rule designed to safeguard the public and prevent resource damage, “the vast majority of comments consisted of form letters,” the Daily Sentinel reports.

The proposed rules don’t say they can’t protest, but sets limits. Greenies have to stay inside designated areas (safe spaces?), they can’t block doors or roads, and they can’t incite riots.

See? Free speech.

The Western Energy Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma summed it up best:

“Characterizing the proposed rule as ‘criminalizing’ free speech is just a hysterical reaction, and indicative of the mentality of groups that storm BLM lease sale venues and disrupt lawful activity. In fact, BLM has done nothing to squelch free speech. BLM employees have the right to do their congressionally mandated jobs without fear of harm or harassment.”