Sen. Kevin Grantham

Sen. Kevin Grantham

State Senate Democrats are reviving the tired gimmick of appointing a “czar” to promote their agenda of weakening Colorado’s energy economy, killing jobs, and raising our power bills.

This newly minted position for Sen. Matt Jones of Louisville has no actual power, just like the Democrat’s plan to wipe out energy we actually use in favor of sunny and breezy days that don’t work so well in the still darkness of the night.

The job of the conservation and climate czar will be to help shut down the natural gas, oil and coal economy that has fueled our state and the job market, is what Senate Democratic leader Lucia Guzman essentially says.

They’re mostly going to “study” a lot of things, which is what Democrats do best, study rather than act.

Meanwhile, Republicans led by incoming Senate President Kevin Grantham created a new select committee on the important issues of fracking, multiple use of public lands and working with the federal government on rules and regulations that affect the state.

It will undoubtably be more productive than a czar and bumper sticker slogans.