It appears from numerous national newspapers and other publications that the EPA changed their report on fracking’s effect on water after a meeting with the White House last week.

Like this from The Hill:

The Environmental Protection Agency may soon dispel one of the green movements favorite myths: That fracking contaminates drinking water.

But the New York Times reports this week a key sentence was removed that found “no evidence that fracking systemically contaminates water.”

It’s a significant change that the EPA says it chose not to include, and it looks like they decided after the White House meeting with politicians that it could not be supported.

Environmentalists are now rejoicing and celebrating the report, which Congress told the EPA to do six years ago.

But it appears the actual science was suddenly changed, because politics demanded it.

Even the New York Times sees it coming:

Now that (New EPA) team must contend with scientific findings that urge caution in an energy sector that Mr. Trump wants to untether.

So what changed in the science of fracking in a matter of days? That would be Trump’s nomination for Scott Pruitt to lead the agency.