It appears that Trump’s pick for Interior Secretary is a westerner fairly new to Washington politics, but that hasn’t stopped the environmental groups and their buddies in the mainstream media from piling on within hours of the announcement that Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke is the nominee.

Here are the top 10 reasons they don’t like Zinke, but we should:

1. He is a critic of the Obama administration’s initiatives to kill jobs in the name of the environment.

2. He opposed the moratorium on coal leases on public lands.

3. He supports Indian tribes having more control over drilling on their lands.

4. He loves to fish and hunt.

5. He questioned policies that regulate methane gas emissions from power plants, oil and gas wells.

6. He is not an advocate of transferring public lands to the states.

7. He has doubts that global warming is caused by humans.

8. He defends access to public lands.

9. He hates WOTUS

10. He has a 3 percent voting record with the League of Conservation Voters.

He’s not a Coloradan, but he is a westerner, and if all this is true, he looks like a solid pick to us.