Polly Baca

In just a few hours, we are will witness the most anticipated (actually, the only anticipated) electoral college vote in state history.  After weeks of lawsuits, grandstanding, and bloviating, Polly Baca, Michael Baca, and Robert Nemanich have the opportunity to follow the law, or “vote your conscience.”

After Colorado’s nine electors take an oath to follow the state law and place their votes for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, the Secretary of State will conduct the official vote.  It will be an open ballot, meaning everyone can see whom each elector votes for.

If any elector fails to vote for Clinton/Kaine, he or she will be removed by the secretary of state for a “failure to act” and immediately replaced by a new elector provided by the Democrat party.

As late as this weekend, Colorado’s “Faithless Electors” were saying that they were going to defect and vote for a thus-far unnamed Republican in a vote trading scheme designed to deny Donald Trump the 270 votes needed to secure a majority in the electoral college.  This is in spite of a judge saying in no uncertain terms last week that the electors would be breaking Colorado law in doing so. We expect this is not the end of their legal endeavor, however.

We will keep an eye on things and report again as the situation develops this afternoon.