A headline online at the Denver Post blares that “Trump blames terrorists for killings in Turkey, Germany.”

Duh, we thought, what else would he blame, workplace violence?
 Then we clicked on the story and discovered this was meant as a slam against Trump.

How dare he call the terrorists, terrorists for the mass attack in Germany that killed 12 people and the assassination of a Russian diplomat in Turkey by a man yelling “Allahu akbar?”

PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — On the day that his election victory became official, Donald Trump on Monday experienced what life will be like as president as he condemned separate deadly incidents against a Russian diplomat and shoppers at a German Christmas market, blaming Islamic terrorism in both instances.

He offered no support for his claim that terrorists were responsible for the carnage.

Interestingly, neither did Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel when she called it terrorism, and according to the New York Times, Turkey and Russia are on board with calling it terrorism.

This is a bizarre double-standard the media is setting for Trump. They are so intent on labeling him as a bully, they are actually defending the good name of terrorists against false claims.

We’re surprised that Democrats have not demanded Trump apologize to the terrorists.