is so concerned about competition from fake news that they are asking lawmakers to sign a “Fake News Pledge,” or at least that’s the only thing we can deduce.

According to the terms of the pledge, lawmakers and citizens who take up this noble cause promise to remove any fake news from their social media accounts as quickly as possible, and then post a mea culpa explaining how they were tricked into spreading fake news.  The same thing goes for “liking” another person’s fake news.

So what is fake news? Is it the breathless reporting ahead of an election saying that Hillary has the whole thing wrapped up (with the hope of suppressing the conservative vote)?  Is it the “hands up don’t shot” lie that is still being perpetrated today?  How about Dan Rather’s AWOL memo?  Hillary dismounting her aircraft under sniper fire in Bosnia?

All of these are serious matters that the folks at could not care a thing about.  Rather, they seem focused on frivolous matters such as a Barack Obama quote about Hillary Clinton, or the history of gang bangers wearing jeans below their behinds.  And big surprise: the only Colorado lawmakers that they accuse of spreading fake news are Republican. has big dreams of their silly pledge going national.  We are certainly no fans of fake news, but we also think that the left should take note of the plank in its own eye first.