Everyone who thinks the use of coal, oil and gas causes climate change and should be eliminated, please turn off all your lights, the heat, and park your cars so that the rest of us can use whatever energy is left over before Obama outlaws it all.


The man is on a mission to bring civilization to a standstill, outlawing coastal oil production, driving away natural gas producers and even more regulations designed to keep coal in the ground.

It’s the Democrats’ farewell gift to the environmental wing of their party — a momentary win they can use for fundraising efforts, followed by a loss when Trump and Congress reverses these midnight regulations, and a chance for them to make even more money and rally their troops around Republicans.

No one actually believes these and other midnight regulations will stand once the door hits Obama as he’s leaving the White House, but it certainly sets Trump up for a fight.

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton points out that the coal rule alone would kill 78,000 jobs.

So what does Trump do? Allow jobs to disappear from Western Slope coal companies including Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, Colowyo and Trapper mines and the New Horizon Mine and others across the nation? Or repeal a regulation that environmentalists will claim is the only thing saving Mother Earth from pollution?

Trump and western lawmakers are going to have one Hell of a fight on their hands next year, Obama is making sure of that.