Liberal U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter is conducting a two question “End of Year Survey” about President-elect Trump, and let’s just say it’s a bit melodramatic.  The first question asks how the respondent feels about the prospects of a Trump Administration, and only one of the five answer choices is positive.

If you are not “excited” about Trump, you are able to choose along the following along the continuum of despair:

  • Mixed Feelings – some of the President-elect’s actions are concerning, but overall I’m optimistic about the incoming president.
  • Anxious – I’m somewhat worried about President-elect Trump’s decision making and overall behavior.
  • Concerned – the President-elect’s rhetoric is disturbing and his selections for his administration are not in the best interests of the country.
  • Other.

The left’s reaction to Trump’s election has been nothing short of pathetic.  From fake hate crimes coast-to-coast to “cry-ins” at top universities and a desperate, half-baked attempt to overthrow the electoral college, the party whose candidate famously swore in the third debate to accept the election results is in total denial.  Slanted surveys like the one put out by Rep. Perlmutter don’t do anything to help matters. And, really, this is more like the work of ProgressNow than a sitting U.S. Congressman. It just looks petty.

If you care to let Rep. Perlmutter know how you feel, you can fill out his overly-pessimistic survey here.