Democratic organizations are trying to rally the troops in spite of their crushing defeat in the polls last month, this time to pressure Republican lawmakers to support Obamacare and not side with Trump who has pledged to roll back some of the law that makes insurance unaffordable and doctors scarce.

They might have had better luck advertising for a drawing for $5 in postage stamps, be there to win it, for all of the supporters they attracted to U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s Greeley office on Tuesday.

According to the Greeley Tribune, “about 12 people” were part of the members who gathered to wave sad signs and pressure Gardner to be sad with them.

Gardner of course was not actually there during the protest, but it wasn’t a complete waste of time because some of them got their names in the paper talking about how rich they are.

“I’m in good health, but I know in large part that’s because I’m not poor,” said Deb Bennett-Woods, of Greeley, outside Gardner’s office. “I have access to safe, healthy food, and I live a privileged life. But part of the reason I do is because millions of people don’t live as well as I live. And I have not heard a word from Trump about (them).”

Thank you rich, privileged lady who doesn’t understand that Obamacare has jacked up the price of insurance for most Americans making it unaffordable, and then we have to pay a fine equal to the cost of her purse.

Then there is Eileen:

“We need to use our privilege to speak for those who can’t,” said Eileen Connell of Eaton.

Please, use your privilege to go enjoy your life. Poor people who can’t or won’t work have insurance, it’s those of us with jobs that can’t afford it now.