As the new year approaches, lawmakers typically send out press releases listing their accomplishments. It’s usually a dry read, but U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette is hip with the times, and instead of the boring recitation, one of her staffers created a colorful Facebook meme for us to explore the wonderful world of DeGette.

Here’s the breakdown.

She co-authored a bill she boldly claims will save millions of lives by modernizing research, and there’s even a picture of her and a child, so it must be true.

She also “contributed” to a bill passed by someone else that updates the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.

We had to look that one up:

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 provides EPA with authority to require reporting, record-keeping and testing requirements, and restrictions relating to chemical substances and/or mixtures. Certain substances are generally excluded from TSCA, including, among others, food, drugs, cosmetics and pesticides.

Whew, no wonder she went with the meme. Anyway, that’s pretty much the end of it.
She does include a photo of her with the Prez, which proves she worked really hard, attached a rainbow sticker so we know she’ cool, and loves her state, which is evident by the 1970s postage stamp.

By the way, that stamp is actually a collector’s item, so if you have one in good condition it’s more than doubled in value to about 30 cents. Thank you, U.S. government!

Anyway, her staff wrote lots of letters and answered the phones, but no 2016 list of accomplishments would be complete without this dizzying feat:

“Engaged actively with more than 33,000 followers on social media.”

Also buried at the bottom is a purple stickie note attached with a penny that claims she secured $180 million for some kind of projects in her community.

We suspect the penny symbolizes the worth that will directly impacted her constituents.