And the end of a very long and drawn-out, rather dry story on how Republicans won’t be able to overturn Obama’s flurry of midnight regulations to kill jobs and the energy industry that powers our universe, is the real story of 2017.

Environmentalists plan to make that task impossible by suing every step of the way.

John Walke, a senior attorney with the Natural Resource Defense Council, said even if Congress does kill a regulation, the law may require the EPA to regulate in that area.

“If an agency were disinclined to restart a rule or took the resolution of disapproval as permission not to restart a rule, then health and environmental groups would sue the agency to make sure the statute is upheld and enforced,” he said.

Every time Republicans and Trump manage to overturn some of these regulations, we expect to see environmentalists waiting in the wings to file lawsuits, churn the propaganda machine to falsely manipulate public opinion and pad their bank accounts with all the money they raise in the process.

We fear we will see even more creative lawsuits than the ones filed agains Colowyo and other mines, claiming that it’s not enough to consider the environmental impact of the actual mining operation, but the effect the product might have in 50 years if burned in China.

And sadly, we expect taxpayers will have to foot the legal bills.