In the continuing saga of what happens when Colorado over-regulates and drives businesses out of our state, Magpul Industries is thriving.

The company used to employ 200 Coloradans to make ammunition magazines until ridiculous Democratic gun-control laws signed by Gov. Hickenlooper in 2013 forced the company to relocate to Wyoming.

It cost former Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron their jobs, and as it turns out, it’s now cost Coloradans 400 jobs.

That’s how many folks the successful company is now employing, having added a second shift to handle the demand for its product.

The product is so darn good, the U.S. Marine Corps has just signed a mega contract with the company to buy them exclusively for our military.

That’s a lot of tax dollars and a lot of jobs Democrats cost us. But, we are happy to see that Magpul continues to thrive in a friendlier business climate.