A headline on KUSA says Colorado natives can rejoice, because fewer people are moving here.

The TV writers admittedly did so to grab attention, and the news these days is all about clicks on the website, but it’s actually a very troubling story.

Fewer people are actually moving here because of the weakened job market, specifically in the energy sector.

Here’s what state demographer Elizabeth Garner had to say about the new Census numbers that shows the state grew at a slower rate than in recent years, at 1.7 percent.

Garner’s office actually predicted this when they saw job growth starting to slow a bit, especially in the oil and gas sector.

It could mark the beginning of a disturbing trend as more businesses grapple with the state’s new minimum wage law.

And, the news this week that Coleman Co. is closing shop and fleeing Jefferson County doesn’t bode well either.

Just for the record though, it’s not necessarily the Colorado natives who bristle at newcomers moving into our state.

It’s usually those who just moved here a few years ago and want to close the gates behind them so no one else can crowd their world with happy, successful people who have jobs.