Photo credit: John Elway’s Twitter account

We knew it was too good to be true. When Colorado Politics speculated about a potential gubernatorial run by Broncos general manager (and overall football superstar) John Elway, it caused waves through the party. Certainly, Elway could have cleared the GOP field, or at least most of it. Even already-announced (sort of) gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler said Elway would be a game-changer for him.

Alas, despite Elway’s allegiance to the Republican Party, he does not plan to be a candidate, according to a 9News report over the weekend. From the article:

“My intentions are to continue to run the Denver Broncos football operations. They can run. I’m not running for Governor. For some reason these things continue to come up.‘’

The reason these rumors persist is that everyone loves John Elway and Republicans would be thrilled to have him as a candidate. But we get it. Being the general manager for the Broncos has a lot of perks. Being a political candidate (and the recipient of insults and hate mail)? Decidedly fewer perks.

So, John, call us in retirement?