Well, that was short lived. Democratic U.S. Representative Governor Wannabe Ed Perlmutter may have tried to position himself as a free-thinker a couple months ago in support of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s opponent for the top Democratic House leadership spot, Rep. Tim Ryan, but today, he voted for Pelosi for Speaker, according to the Denver Post‘s D.C. correspondent Mark Matthews.

We know, this was a largely symbolic vote as no Democrat was going to vote for returning Speaker Paul Ryan. But, frankly, if Perlmutter was trying to convince Colorado that he wasn’t a part of that establishment, he failed.

In originally supporting Rep. Tim Ryan, some thought Perlmutter was trying to distance himself from the Democratic establishment that has become increasingly toxic to Democratic candidates in Colorado. But as we noted originally, Perlmutter’s attempts to flee from the Clinton/Pelosi machine are futile as he has been an insider for quite some time:

“The truth of the matter is that he is the consummate insider, serving eight years in the state senate and as John Kerry’s co-chairman for Colorado before moving on to the U.S. House. Nonetheless, we are still hearing rumblings of a Perlmutter run, and will keep an eye on him, as Ken Salazar could throw a wrench into those plans for governor (thanks WikiLeaks).”

While the left’s infrastructure is busy priming the pump for a Perlmutter run, in the back of his mind, Perlmutter has to be wondering fretting about how his consistent support of the corrupt Democratic establishment will play out in a Democratic primary. (Hint: Not well.)