U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton will have a lot on his plate in the new year, new session of Congress, and with a new Republican in the White House.

Primarily, Tipton’s job will be to undue to the damage caused by Obama in the last eight years. It’s a hefty job, especially when it comes to all of the regulations on public land, the energy and recreation industries.

And, rolling them back won’t be as easy as it was for Obama to simply sign his name to put it into place.

We hope and expect that rolling back Obamacare will also be on the top list of accomplishments in the new year. We’re also still waiting on the EPA to reimburse us for all the damage they caused in the Gold King Mine spill.

Tipton assures us in a column he wrote for the Durango Herald that these are some of the top goals, and we’ll be keeping an eye on Congress as well as our new president to see that certain promises are kept, especially when it comes to the increasingly over-burdened energy business of oil, gas, and coal.

And in the few weeks Obama has left in office, that bleeding will continue.