Throughout the 2016 campaign, Hollywood elitists put together literally the most boring and uncreative videos we’ve ever seen urging folks not to vote Republican. And, finally, someone is calling them out on it.

Frequent Colorado visitors Guy Benson and MaryKatharine Hamm join fellow conservative bloggers Katie Pavlich, SE Cupp, and Colorado native Mollie Hemingway to ask Hollywood to, well, suck a little less.

Just watch.

They’re right. Not only are these videos like watching paint dry, but they alienate half of the country who voted for Republicans.

Hey Hollywood, here’s a #protip. If you want your movies to appeal to a broad swath of the American public, maybe try appealing to a broad swath of the American public. Or, if you’re ok with only appealing to a fraction of the American public, that’s cool too, just carry on.