I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Governor Hickenlooper finally takes a stand on something. Anything. He’s come out in favor of Labor Secretary Tom Perez to head the Democratic National Committee, according to CNN. Calling Perez an “organizer, a progressive, and someone who delivers results,” Hickenlooper offered a testimonial to Perez’s work:

“I can tell you firsthand that Tom’s work has made an actual difference in the lives of countless Americans. I’ve watched him lead large, complex organizations to success, and I know he will do the same at the DNC.”

The endorsement, in which Hick joins Governors of four other states including influential Democratic Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, is not without controversy. The current front runner for the top spot at the DNC is Rep. Keith Ellison, who has the backing of the likes of Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer. He also has key labor endorsements.

But Ellison is perhaps best known for his potential antisemitism in a party with many Jewish donors. That just doesn’t work, and that may be why Perez is jumping in the race.

But that these two men are jockeying for the position only shows how the Democratic party’s fault line has grown over the years. While Ellison has Team Bernie at his back, Perez’s supporters come from the establishment wing of the party – the backers of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Perez is out of a job in a couple of weeks, but Ellison claims he would quit Congress to run the DNC. So, if Ellison was elected, not only would we have an antisemitic, fringe wing-nut running the Democratic elections but we would alleviate him of his radical policymaking burden….

While Hick is endorsing Perez, put us down for Ellison. We can’t think of another person who would do more damage to the DNC brand.