Conservation Colorado, having spent $1.3 million on statehouse elections, has unleashed their list of demands on lawmakers to do the bidding for which they’ve been paid. Or at least that’s our impression.

There is nothing surprising in their demands, just the same old tired agenda that lobbies for taxpayer dollars to be spent on fads that have already gobbled up billions with no results.

For example, they still want more money for public transit, and new ways for people to get where they are going by walking or riding a bike, because that’s so darn practical in a winter environment.

And quite frankly, with all of the RTD problems, now is probably not the best time to get on that train, so to speak.

They want clean air, because who doesn’t? Electric cars that require, uhm, electricity, and they want to keep coal in the ground that supplies said electricity.

The don’t want us to develop any more of that pesky oil or gas to heat homes and drive cars, and they want polka dot unicorns sliding down colorful rainbows of love into bountiful lakes of water that no one can ever use.

They want a lot, but we guess they paid for it.