Cliff Willmeng

Another week, another attempt to thwart fracking by radical city councilmembers. Tonight, the Lafayette City Council is taking a unique approach to the pestilence of fracking that funds Colorado’s roads and schools. It is considering a measure to stop fracking by “sanctioning acts of civil disobedience and non-violent protest.”

Not surprisingly, at the center of this storm is everyone’s favorite fractivist, Cliff Wilmeng, according to the Boulder Daily Camera. Here’s what Willmeng told the newspaper:

“Our position is anything that interferes with our right to a healthy climate and any attempt to forcefully compel drilling on Lafayette citizens would be open to acts of civil disobedience. No different than other acts in U.S. history where the governing few risk the health and rights of the many.”

Examples of such disobedience include sit-ins, strikes, workplace occupations or blockades. The new twist with this ordinance is that protesters are immune from arrest, which makes one wonder if this ordinance would be a violation of private property rights.

For example, let’s say protesters are blockading a work site. Does that mean that the owners of the site cannot have them arrested for trespassing? As it is, even the Lafayette city attorney questions whether it’s constitutional.

This radical move follows a lawsuit that overturned Lafayette’s ban on fracking. The city council votes tonight and many expect the measure, championed by Willmeng’s mom and city councilmember Merrily Mazza, to pass.