College kids are gearing up for final exams another divestment protest, this time at the University of Denver, which has more than $600 million invested in energy.

The board meeting Friday is when trustees will consider a report from its divestment task force, reports Valerie Richardson.

We expect the kids will skip class and attend to show off their progressive thinking and hipster coolness by protesting, even if they don’t know what they are protesting.

The DU undergraduate student government has voted three times to support divestment.

That said, DU student Scott Albertoni said at the forum that for most students, the campus divestment issue barely registers on the political radar screen.

“What I’ve experienced is probably four out of five students, when I ask them what is their opinion on divestment, they’re like, ‘Divestment? What?’” said Albertoni. “They can’t tell me what it is. Even the 20 percent of students who know, ‘Yeah, I know what the group is,’ they can’t tell me the ramifications for the university.”

Here’s one ramification, if the school pulls funding from a money-making investment like energy and shifts it to something more politically correct that doesn’t really make money, they might have to raise tuition costs.

If the students truly believed in divestment, perhaps they should pledge to pay tens of thousands of dollars more in tuition instead?