It appears that the Democrats in the Colorado delegation have put on their grown-up hats and are going to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

About 50 Dems are boycotting, because they’ve discovered it’s a good way to get media attention while acting childish, and some have a beef with the Trumpster-in-Chief.

USA Today lifted the report from the Coloradoan that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jared Polis, “the two Democrats who represent the Fort Collins area in Congress” confirmed their attendance.

Bennet actually represents the entire state, but we digress.

Polis will attend the inauguration “out of a respect for our democracy and the peaceful transition of power,” spokesperson Jessica Bralish told the Coloradoan. He will also join the Women’s March on Washington the day after “to display the importance of holding the Trump Administration accountable,” she said.

Respect for our democracy? How dignified of you, Congressman Polis.

But then he followed up with this tweet:


Sad. Very sad.