If you haven’t heard of Tracy Pickerill, you may not have been watching the news. She’s a Denver woman who offered to set up a GoFundMe account for anyone who would be willing to assassinate President Trump.

From her tweet:

“If anyone is willing to assassinate Trump, I will gladly set you up a Go Fund Me account and set you free … Please,” the post read.

But, don’t worry, PeakNation™. She was just kidding.

Or, at least, that’s why she’s still roaming the street. Of course, if any of us threatened President Obama, pretty sure the FBI and SWAT teams would show up at our doorstep. Why is she still free?

Here’s one reason – and she’s laughing about it because someone in the law enforcement community said it’s not a prosecutable crime and the FBI can not confirm or deny any ongoing investigation.

If offering to set up a legal fee for someone who assassinates our president isn’t a crime, we don’t know what is.

In case you’re curious about who this Tracy Pickerill is, she’s an administrative assistant at URS Corporation, a subsidiary of AECOM, which is one of the largest infrastructure development corporations in the country. One of the company’s specialties? Government contracting. Hmmm.  Wonder how AECOM will feel going into a competitive bid for all the infrastructure projects promised under this new administration with the knowledge that one of its employees offered to aid anyone willing to kill the President of the United States.

Seems like an awkward position to be in.

Nonetheless, she belongs in an interrogation room. Not taking these threats seriously only emboldens people who have plans to kill elected officials.