I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

While the Washington and international elites have been taken with Governor Hickenlooper’s “aw shucks” persona this week (thank Hick’s PR firm!), they do not live in Colorado and, thus, may need a reminder about why some in Colorado just roll their eyes at his perfectly crafted down-home vibe. Here are five reasons that Hick would make a terrible Democratic presidential candidate in 2020:

1.  2013 Gun Grab – In case, PeakNation, you’ve forgotten the 2013 gun grab, Governor Hickenlooper put the interests of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ahead of the desire of Coloradans to uphold the Second Amendment. But, then, he had to face the music at an annual sheriffs’ conference and lost his cool when a sheriff reminded Hick that there were 40 sheriffs at the Capitol protesting the clear violation of the Second Amendment. His response? “What the f&@%, I apologize.”
2.  Enviro-left hates him – While this may burnish his image in our book, Hick’s stunt where he drank fracking fluid to show that fracking was not dangerous only put him in the crosshairs of radical environmentalist. Since then, the enviro-left has seized a larger role in the Democratic Party, leaving politicians like Hick out in the fracking cold.
3.  He lost the State Senate twice – While the top leader in the Democratic Party here in Colorado, Hick has not expanded Democrats’ sphere of influence. In fact, since his election in 2009, Hick has lost the State Senate not once, but twice. While we say, put him in charge of all the elections (because we like to win), surely Democrats see that he’s not exactly a guy you put at the top of the ticket….
4.  He’d love nothing more than to raise taxes on the middle class – Hick and his favorite PR firms repeatedly have tried to raise taxes with nothing but major defeats to show for it. Amendment 66, which would have been a billion dollar tax increase on the middle class, died two-to-one despite spending $12M to the victors’ $100,000. Amendment 72, a massive cigarette tax that he also backed, also went up in smoke, losing by five points after spending millions. Nobody likes taxes, not even Democratic primary voters.
5.  His base is Hillary Clinton’s base – If Hillary Clinton and her powerful political racketeering machine could not defeat Donald Trump, Hick is not going to be able to either. The problem with Hillary is the problem with Hick. Rich liberal guys who go to Davos, the ones who drool over Hick and Hill, simply do not represent the electorate in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.
So, dear prognosticators of the 2020 election, we can look into our crystal ball and feel with certainty that Hick will likely not be the candidate of choice, maybe not even in Colorado. But, hey, there’s always Bernie Sanders and his unbathed crew.