At an Aspen meeting with Colorado sheriffs on Friday, Governor Hickenlooper made the astonishing revelation that he was unaware that the fallout from the ill-conceived gun legislation that was jammed through the Democrat-controlled legislature last year would be so disastrous.

According to the Aspen Daily News report:

“I didn’t think it was going to be that controversial…There were a thousand things going on and other issues we were dealing with, I guess I didn’t get it.”

A thousand other things going on?  We’re not sure which legislature Hickenlooper was watching, but the debate on the various gun bills took the air out of the state Capitol for major blocks of the 2013 session.  Did he somehow miss the letters to the editor, news reports, sheriffs from all over the state and scores of concerned citizens packing the Capitol during this time?  How could he imagine that a direct attack on Coloradans’ constitutional rights would not be controversial?

The meeting took another awkward turn when one of the sheriffs pointed out that there were as many as 40 sheriffs at the state capitol on one particular day during the process, and that some of them did, in fact, go to the governor’s office.  To this the governor fired back a profane response:

“What the f***? I apologize!”

Another interesting part of the meeting, reported by Complete Colorado, was when the Governor brought up his conversations, or lack thereof, with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Complete Colorado transcribed the following from Hickenlooper’s conversation with the sheriffs:

“Well, lets, let’s stick to the facts.  I never talked to Mayor Bloomberg. I…Again, that’s been out in the press and all this stuff.  Just for the record.  You know, I met Mayor Bloomberg when I was a Mayor, and I know him, uh, I think he’s a pretty good Mayor.”

However, according to the cell phone records that Complete Colorado obtained from the state last year, Hickenlooper’s phone received calls from Bloomberg several times, including one call on March 2 that lasted 12 minutes.  We checked the news for that day – maybe they were just talking about the bankruptcy of “Girls Gone Wild” or the horse meat found in Taco Bell ground beef?

Look, we know for certain that Bloomberg’s lobbyists, Hickenlooper and Hickenlooper’s senior staff personally asked Democratic Sen. Mary Hodge to carry the bill. She was always the key vote and they thought the only way they could prevent her from flipping was to lock her in as bill sponsor.

His remarks, if not a bald-faced lie, were Clintonian obfuscations of the truth. The entire strategy to pass the bill was baked up by Bloomberg’s emissaries, and executed by Hick’s senior staff.

We’re looking forward to the media’s in-depth reports on this issue.  We can’t imagine that reporters like KDVR‘s Eli Stokols and The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels would Hick whitewash the most controversial decision of his administration…right?