Democrats are still freaking out over the peaceful transfer of power that includes putting a temporary hold on agency decisions until the new administration can see what is in the works, and to make sure it reflects their new direction.

Although Obama is out of office, Dems seem to think that the EPA should keep operating like it is administered by them, and are screaming freeze, blackout, gag order, any verbiage they can to garner media sympathy.

Like when unnamed sources claimed that Trump planned to scrub the EPA website of all things climate change for several news cycles before correcting themselves, sort of. Now it’s being reported that Trump backed down from something that never even happened.

Hickenlooper got the panic rolling in Colorado with a statement earlier this week that the sky was falling because grant awards might be a few days late.

He demanded help from the state delegation but the response from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s office was to rile folks up that the Gold King mine cleanup could be in danger.

Laurie Cipriano, spokeswoman for Sen. Michael Bennet: “Michael is extremely concerned about the president’s decision to freeze EPA grants and contract awards. We are working to determine how this freeze may affect the Gold King Mine spill cleanup and monitoring. We also need to ensure that the freeze doesn’t affect our ability to clean up contaminated industrial sites or to protect our air and drinking water.”

Well, it didn’t, and it doesn’t. Everyone just take a deep breath and keep a level head like U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton.

“We have received confirmation from the White House that water quality monitoring and clean-up efforts at the Gold King Mine will not be impacted in anyway,” Liz Payne, spokeswoman for Republican Congressman Scott Tipton wrote in an email Wednesday morning.

See? Trump is not to blame for the Gold King Mine mess, either.