Remember that one time that we fondly refer to as the year 2015, when U.S. Rep. Jared Polis was investigated by the House Ethics Committee for violating House rules?

Polis participated in commercial activities when he endorsed a video game and promoted the apparel of a clothing company after they gave him a makeover as a publicity stunt.

The Office of Congressional Ethics, which Democrats defend as the trusted non-partisan entity to investigate all things unethical, found substantial reason to believe that Polis engaged in activities that could be perceived as endorsements of Riot Games and Ninox and that he used official resources in promoting the businesses in violation of federal law and House Rules.

The Ethics Committee eventually gave Polis a pass, because their investigation revealed that he probably didn’t know any better.

Now the Democrats on the Ethics Committee have rewarded Polis’s ignorance of House rules and ethics by adding him to their team.

That’s right, Polis announced this week he was chosen to serve on the House Ethics Committee, where he will now use that vast knowledge to stand in judgement over other politicians.

Things may be shaking up at the White House, but it’s business as usual for the Democratic Party.