The Denver Post broke the story that Colorado’s Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper will fly to Cuba to attempt to re-establish cultural and economic relations with the Communist dictatorship. As a freedom-loving people, we should reject Democrats’ actions that seek to legitimize this brutal regime.  Hickenlooper plans to attend with his invented charity – the Biennial of the Americas.

But there’s one big question that looms over this trip – regardless of the issues of legitimizing the Castro regime – who is paying for this junket?

According to the Denver Post, “details on the cost and funding for the trip were not immediately available.”

Of course, if the trip has been comp’d by Cuba or an international organization, there is a question of whether this is allowed according per ethics rules and  whether Hick received clearance to accept those funds. If it’s a taxpayer-funded trip, we have to protest our tax dollars going to legitimize a horrific regime.

Either way, Hick has some splainin’ to do….