Today, the state legislature is hearing SB17-005, a bill that would allow Colorado sheriff’s to provide handgun training to Colorado public schools. This sounds like a good idea, but there’s at least one guy out there that disagrees – former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund has paid lobbyist Adam Eichberg of Headwaters Strategies at least $37,000 to oppose this bill. Nevermind that the group’s name indicates that it supports gun safety and it’s opposing a bill to provide additional gun training (read: provide more gun safety).

But here’s what’s most interesting. Eichberg, pictured below firing a so-called assault weapon, is lobbying for greater gun control, per the mission of Everytown. In case you have forgotten, PeakNation™, Eichberg was pictured here at a watermelon shooting field trip.

So, Eichberg wants to play with guns, but doesn’t want Colorado teachers to have appropriate training to protect themselves?  And, further, his client wants to limit access for average Coloradans to guns?

As we said a couple of years ago: “Gun control for thee, but ‘assault weapons’ for me?”

Seems hypocritical, don’t you think?