On Friday, Prospect Ridge Academy sent a letter to its community making them aware that the obviously over-funded school had returned a donation it received from Extraction Oil and Gas “after careful consideration of feedback we received from our community.”

Here’s the letter:

Read: After being bullied by mobs who want to shut down oil and gas development in Broomfield, the school, which probably could find a way to use the funds to provide a better education for children, gave the money back.

At issue is Extraction’s proposal for oil and gas development going before the Broomfield City Council. Environmentalists in the area have been working double time to spread misinformation to vulnerable older residents in Anthem Ranch, a 55 and older community.

So, not only are radical environmentalists robbing their community of the potential tax dollars development brings, but now they won’t even let an oil and gas company donate money to a local school. That deserves a failing grade.