Yesterday, on the floor of the State Senate, Sen. Rhonda Fields (D-2013) argued that since the high-capacity magazine ban in 2013, there have been no mass shootings in Colorado. We are so sorry for the victims she cast aside in favor of making a political point. See video below.

Unfortunately, Colorado has had mass shootings since the mag ban, proving that it was not actually the magazine capacity responsible for mass shootings, but evil and mentally ill people. Perhaps Fields forgot about the Planned Parenthood shooter in November 2015 or the Arapahoe High School gunman, who killed another student before he was killed, in December 2013. In fact, it’s worth repeating that Columbine also occurred during the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Democrats need to stop blaming the instrument and start placing the blame on the horrible pieces of pond scum that commit these unspeakable acts of evil, and Sen. Fields owes these victims and their families an apology.