President Trump is chiding the mainstream media underreporting terrorism attacks and the media are attacking Trump for the comments in return.

Interestingly, we’ve been wondering where the national media coverage was after Joshua Cummings shot and killed RTD officer Scott Van Lanken.

It’s been reported, locally, that Homeland Security officials were warned about Cummings radicalization by a mosque.

We scoured the Google machine to check the media coverage, and found the event was widely covered here in Colorado by Colorado media. We had to dig deeper to find that the New York Times and Washington Post actually carried a story. The few stories we found, most prominently the one written about the self-reporting mosque, were written by a Colorado AP writer with a Colorado dateline.


Our findings suggest that the Colorado media most certainly noticed and gave wide coverage, but none of the national big boys felt it important enough to pick up the phones themselves to actually find out what happened.

Maybe it’s because Cummings wasn’t charged with a crime of terrorism, but murder. But that’s a completely different bone we’d like to pick.