Colorado’s U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s continual and loud opposition to all appointees of President Donald Trump is, frankly, growing tiresome. It’s not just that he votes no – we get it, he’s a Democrat, he’s not going to vote yes. It’s that he feels the need to constantly grandstand and make speeches about each one. BetsyDeVos was unqualified (although, she is more qualified than he was when he took over Colorado’s largest school district). That diatribe arrived in the wee hours before the DeVos vote. Then, today, he pontificated against Jeff Sessions and voted no on the U.S. Attorney General nominee citing civil rights concerns.

Nevermind that the NAACP honored Sessions in 2009. Nevermind that a group of black pastors stood up for Sessions’ nomination today. Nevermind that he prosecuted the KKK.

And this is the crux of the issue. Trump won. Hillary lost. That means that Trump gets to pick his cabinet. Bennet may not like Sessions, but if he is horrified at every single person that Trump puts up, his outrage becomes completely meaningless to listeners.

But there is one way in which Bennet’s theatrics prove useful. In not only voting against all of Trump’s picks, but throwing tantrums about each one, Bennet is revealing his true colors. Like Governor Hickenlooper, he may like to play the bipartisan, moderate card, but his actions show he is true (and deep) blue.

Perhaps he will try to embrace his inner nonexistent moderate by voting for Neil Gorsuch. Then, again, maybe he just doesn’t care what Colorado thinks anymore.