Michael Bennet is so conflicted over how to vote on the nomination of Denver homeboy Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court that he is consulting with President Trump on the matter.

Bennet, along with five other Democrats, had lunch with the president whom their own party and their buddies in the mainstream media mocks at every turn.

The meeting was an attempt by Trump to smooth the way for Gorsuch’s confirmation, but his attempt may have been colored by his continued criticism of Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

“His comments were misrepresented and what you should do is ask Sen. Blumenthal about his Vietnam record that didn’t exist,” Trump said at the beginning of a meeting, referring to the fact that the Connecticut Democrat was forced to apologize in 2010 for saying he served in Vietnam, when he only served during the Vietnam era.

Heh, heh, nice hit there Mr. President. But we digress.

We are confused by Bennet’s claimed uncertainty over whether or not to vote for Gorsuch. Not only is Gorsuch supremely qualified to sit on the nation’s highest court, but he’s also one of Bennet’s constituents.

For Bennet to reject a Supreme Court nominee from his home state would be highly unusual for a senator, unless of course there are extreme extenuating circumstances, like a criminal record or complete incompetence.

Bennet needs to quit playing the coy game and man up by admitting he has every intention of voting for him, and taking the lead to explain to his fellow Democrats why they should also support Gorsuch.