Hordes of Democrat activists are agitating the masses with crystal ball fortune-telling that unless they continually protest the congressional offices of Republicans and demand town hall meetings, their health care will be taken away and they will die.

That’s our take-away from this Denver Post article, that states protestors won’t get that face-to-face meeting with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner without nary an explanation as to why. Oh, but there’s a telephone town hall Gardner is hosting, exactly like the ones regularly hosted by Democrats, so the Post painstakingly advises how to participate.

Why the sudden demand for a town hall meeting? Just ask U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, who was ambushed last month when he met one-on-one with constituents but his meeting was hijacked by activists who then smeared the congressman in state and national media with false claims of fleeing the meeting.

Coffman left the 90-minute event about six minutes early.

Let’s be honest, Democrat activists aren’t looking to hold a productive meeting with Gardner or any other GOP lawmaker, they want to stage more protests to get more media attention.

That’s the only difference between a telephone town hall and actual meeting that matters to them, they are deprived of the photo and video opportunity for them to stage a protest.

For real constituents, the telephone event means they don’t have to leave their home and trudge amongst the unwashed hippies wearing shorts and flip-flops this week to sit in a building to talk to their lawmakers, he’s literally at their fingertips.

trudge thru unwashed hippies in shorts and flip-flops more like it. #globalwarming 🙂