Political tongues wagged when a letter from the Trump Team went out suggesting that Team Trump endorsed Jeff Hays for State Party Chair. The other candidate for the top spot, George Athanasopoulos, and his supporters alleged that the endorsement was not true. Today, Colorado Trump co-chair, Barb Neville, expressed disappointment in the letter, saying that she did not endorse anyone in the race.

It’s obvious that Team Athanasopoulos is bothered by the endorsement, but did he really expect Team Trump to support him?  According to those who actually attend county party meetings, the pro-Athanasopoulos slates to be county bonus members (those who get to vote for the state chairman) were filled with folks who previously claimed to be #NeverTrump, and caused a ruckus at the National Convention, likely embarrassing Trump.

If it’s true that the Athanasopoulos Team was filled with #NeverTrump supporters, why on earth would Team Trump endorse Athanasopoulos as a candidate for State Party chair?

This is all ugly inside baseball nonsense (and one reason independents everyone hates political parties), but it’s irrational to expect Team Trump to support the candidate backed by the very same people who worked so hard against Trump just a few months ago.