President Trump is blamed for so much these days, but now the media is blaming his administration for “following the same argument” as the Obama administration in its rebuttal of a lawsuit filed against the EPA for the Gold King Mine spill.

We hope this isn’t true, and that some Obama holdouts in the Justice Department are trying to pull a fast one before Attorney General Jeff Sessions settles into the new job.

The Trump administration is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by New Mexico and the Navajo Nation over a 2015 mine-waste spill caused by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
The Justice Department filed a brief Monday arguing that the EPA, as a government agency, has sovereign immunity because its workers and contractors were trying to clean up the abandoned Gold King Mine when it caused the spill in Colorado.
The government is continuing the same argument of the Obama administration, which concluded in January that the EPA was legally barred from paying out the $1.2 billion in claims from people, businesses, governments and others who said they were harmed by the spill.

So what this article in The Hill goes on to suggest, is where the Hell are all the Republicans who were screaming at Obama for doing this?

We suspect they are checking this report out for themselves before saying anything. And if they’re not, they should be.