The Grand Junction Sentinel’s threat of a defamation lawsuit against Sen. Ray Scott after he tweeted that the paper is “fake news” is just plain silly, and Jay Seaton, the owner and publisher of the paper, should be embarrassed by his overreaction. Scott’s insult was in response to an editorial criticizing him, and while it might not have been the most statesman-like way to handle things it certainly isn’t something worth suing over.

Sen. Ray Scott

If you’re an elected official you can’t please everyone, nor should you try. For that reason, there are going to be unflattering editorials written about you. That’s just a reality that comes with the job, so when it happens, try to keep your cool. Although, history has now proven even if you don’t, you can still become President of the United States.

And given the nature of President Trump’s rise, Seaton should remember that the media is not above reproach. So Scott called your paper fake news, so what? Trump called CNN fake news while being broadcast live on their network. Are they suing? Of course not because that would be ridiculous. Hyperbole (especially via Twitter) doesn’t merit a frivolous lawsuit.