Much ado has been made over Colorado elected officials suggesting that all the “very concerned citizens” might have paid protesters among their ranks. The left has asked for proof. Here are three ads pulled today from Craigslist that suggest the left is paying protesters and plans more “paid activism” in the future.

Here is one posted 29 days ago, conveniently right before the women’s march in Denver. The notes that 57% of women live in states where their reproductive rights are under attack. With all the complaining the left does about women’s rights (unless talking about strong, successful, independent woman, Ivanka Trump, who should be torn down at all costs, per the left), we thought the number would be closer to 103%.

Then, there’s this post to protect the environment through activism. This was posted just two days ago. Perhaps the left is planning to gin up additional agitation around fracking in Colorado. It’s noteworthy that the enviros get paid approximately $100 more per week than the pro-choice activists. Sad that the left won’t pay equally to fight for what it considers women’s rights.

Finally, there is this ad, which offers to pay $10 to $15 per hour. Color us shocked that the left doesn’t want to pay the $12 minimum wage that they shoved down the throats of Colorado small businesses.

It’s also noteworthy that on each of these ads, the “type” of employment is checked as “employee’s choice.” Actually, the IRS has guidelines around what type of employee one is depending on a few factors – it’s really never “employee’s choice.”

Nonetheless, with these types of ads, it’s completely disingenuous to say that there are no paid activists.