Dr. David Shulkin

In case you missed it, the media stopped mocking President Trump for a split second this week to note that not everything the man does is wrong.

The Senate acted in a bipartisan manner and voted unanimously to confirm Trump’s nominee, Dr. David Shulkin, as VA secretary.

This is an important appointment for our state, where the Republican delegation has done battle with the agency in the previous administration over the $1.7 billion cost overruns at Aurora, the illegal backlogging of appointments that critics say killed a Colorado veterans and dozens more in other states.

Not to mention the shameful behavior of the former secretary during a hearing with Rep. Mike Coffman.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner released a statement saying he supported Shulkin to ensure veterans receive the world-class care they deserve.

“Dr. Shulkin pledged to institute significant reforms to transform the VA and restore trust in the agency. Congress must continue to exercise its oversight role and will continue to hold the agency accountable – as Dr. Shulkin requested during his hearing – to ensure veterans receive the world-class care that they deserve.”

We tried to find a statement from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet as to why he voted for Trump’s VA nominee, but he’s not saying.