Every once in a while, a politician uses scenery from the wrong state on his or her website. An astute reader alerted us to the fact that Dafna Jenet’s campaign website uses the wrong…dome. That’s right, the place where she goes to work every day for several months out of the year. Even worse, it appears that she used the Texas State Capitol dome which, wait for it, actually says Texas on the inside of the dome.

What’s funnier is that this picture of the Texas dome is the photo that fades into the word “Priorities.” So…her priorities are Texas?  That’s what the website indicates. Here is a picture from her website:

Here is a picture of the Texas State Capitol Dome. Those things in between the star arms are the letters T-E-X-A-S.

We poke fun because it’s a dumb error, but this one seems dumber than most.