A group of Western Republicans have numerous Obama-era energy rules in their crosshairs and are using the Congressional Review Act to roll those bad dogs back.

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton introduced one measure this week to kill a midnight rule that mucked up the process for valuing fossil fuels on public lands.

“By adding more red-tape, complexity, and confusion to the mineral valuation process, the regulation creates uncertainty for businesses, a disincentive for responsible development of our natural resources on federal land, and ultimately hurts hardworking Americans, their families, and their communities the most,” Tipton said.

The Congressional Western Caucus is leading the effort, and here is their target list and scorecard so far.

It’s what we call a good start to end Obama’s legacy as the man who put our energy industry out of business.

We’re proud to see that Tipton is playing a key role in this effort, and will keep PeakNation™ updated as the GOP Congress continues to do the job we elected them to get done.