It’s no secret that the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), or the Jeffco teachers union, is the Jeffco Democratic Party is the JCEA. That’s why this is just so awkward. In addition to State Senator Andy Kerr potentially running for Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s seat in the Seventh Congressional District (when Perlmutter runs for Governor), now State Rep. Brittany Petterson apparently is considering a run.

Which child will the JCEA support (directly or indirectly) in the primary?

Our bets are on Kerr. He’s a Jeffco teacher (on special assignment, whatever that means) and helped with the Jeffco Board of Education recall. While it’s true that Petterson heads the State House education committee, does she have the long-storied symbiotic relationship with the JCEA that Kerr does? Not really.

But Petterson has friends of her own. She was a part of New Era Colorado, an allegedly nonpartisan group that recruits millennials to vote for Democrats. Several members of its former leadership have gone on to run for office, including Petterson.

With two well-known candidates like Kerr and Petterson, this promises to be a bruising primary for Democrats. We can’t wait. Who’s bringing the popcorn?