Today, there is a video of a constituent showing up at a meeting that U.S. Senator Cory Gardner planned to attend. The constituent asked when Gardner was going to have a townhall meeting. He replied that he recently had several open forums as well as several tele-townhalls, not to mention a billion (approximately) townhalls last year. He, then, offered to invite her to the next and gave her his staffer’s card who was to help her find her way to speak with Sen. Gardner or attend a townhall meeting. Seems like a pretty normal conversation, except for the weird ambush.

But that’s not what makes news for the left, and they are losing their minds. Even at the end of the video, the ambushers yell, “Don’t hide from us Sen. Gardner.”

That’s the funny thing. He did the exact opposite. Despite being on the way to a meeting, Gardner listened to the problem, clarified the problem, and tried to come up with a solution, so it’s really unclear what the left thinks is so newsworthy about the interaction. It would be like a grocery store cashier asking “paper or plastic” and the left writing a story with the headline “King Soopers offers to strangle sea turtles.”

As we’ve noted frequently, the left is simply trying to use these tactics to malign Republicans in competitive seats. These tactics are ripped straight from the pages of Alinsky.

When will the left embark on a long-standing and frequent townhall schedule (not just a few to CYA before a big political smear campaign like right now)? We’ve been waiting for years….