Edited to add: Lambe was one of the “constituents” paid encouraged to confront Sen. Cory Gardner today on the video that the left is desperately trying to shop to any media outlet dumb – or partisan – enough to pick it up.

Colorado’s Republican politicians have taken heat for correctly calling out attempts by paid operatives to clog phone lines, email systems, and postal systems because they’re upset about things…or something. But this afternoon, a Colorado paid operative got a taste of her own medicine.

Kaili Lambe blathered all over the Twittersphere that Cory Gardner “must retract his ABSURD statement that we are paid.” The only problem with her critique? She’s actually a paid operative who has worked for MoveOn.org, UltraViolet, and Organizing for Action.

Perhaps Lambe is just mad that she’s not being paid for this project when every single other Democrat is the political universe is. That’s not Cory Gardner’s problem, that’s her problem. Maybe she should focus less on Twitter and more on getting her contracts nailed down.

As for her criticism that “our taxes fund [Gardner’s] paycheck,” perhaps she could point her frustration to her friends at Planned Parenthood, which gets a tremendous amount of money from taxpayers that can be easily funneled into advocacy projects. Or, perhaps should talk to her friends in public sector unions. Our tax dollars fund their paychecks and dues extracted from those paychecks by unions are permitted to be used in virulently anti-Republican SuperPACs. And, given this year’s election results, we’d argue they couldn’t do their damn jobs.

Lambe should check her lefty hypocrisy.