For all the hay Democrats are trying to make out of Sen. Cory Gardner’s travels around the state, we seem to have misplaced Colorado’s senior Senator Michael Bennet, who has not held a town hall for as long as we can remember.  Good thing the writers at the Colordoan were there to help us track him down. Here is what they said about Bennet’s whereabouts this week:

“Like Gardner, Bennet has met with constituents on specific topics. Bennet spent the recess traveling to Cuba and Colombia to discuss trade, human rights, migration and more, Cipriano said in an email.”

Egads. You mean to say that Sen. Bennet not only isn’t in the state, but isn’t even in the country? Good grief. Even people lambasting Gardner would have to admit that Gardner being in the state > Bennet visiting a tropical location run by a communist regime.

To all the left wingers following Sen. Gardner around, please also chase after Sen. Bennet. He’s in Cuba. Trust us, we’re positive you’d love it there.